The Guitar and Harp Program
-Undergraduate Requirements-

Audition: Ten to fifteen minutes of solo repertoire is required comprising of usually three pieces. These pieces are to be played on classical guitar (nylon strings). Selections should include one technical study showing your ability to play arpeggios and or scales and two pieces from contrasting musical periods. The following are pieces commonly played at auditions. These are only suggestions. Please show this list to your teacher and, based on these suggestions, he/she will be able to suggest appropriate pieces you may currently be studying. All but the technical work should be played from memory.

▪ Carcassi, 25 Melodious Studies: Nos. 2, 3, 7, 13, 15
▪ Sor, Twenty Studies, edited by Segovia
▪ Giuliani: Any studies one page or longer in length.

▪ Six Lute Pieces From the Renaissance, Columbia Music
▪ Villa-Lobos: Any preludes or études (Max Eschig edition)
▪ Bach: Bouree or Allemande from the 1st Lute Suite, Sarabande from the 3rd                                   
Cello Suite, or any movement from the 1st Cello Suite
▪ Tarrega: Adelita, Lagrima
▪ Brouwer: Selected works from Simple Studies, Vol. 1 & 2 (Max Eschig edition)

Undergraduate Guitarists wishing to be considered of Performance 20/20:
Include a DVD of a live performance of the following:
▪ Jacques Ibert, Entr’acte or other similar work for flute and guitar.

-Graduate Requirements-

The Graduate Program at The Hartt School is a highly-developed performance-based program. We look for and accept students with well-developed technical, musical, interpretative, and practice skills, who show a commitment to high performance standards and a desire to pursue either a college teaching/performing career or a solo/chamber music career. The following requirements are offered as a guide to preparing for the audition.

Master of Music and Graduate Professional Diploma 

Audition: Thirty minutes of solo repertoire played from memory is required. While we occasionally accept students who do not possess the following repertoire, it is more an exception than the norm.

▪ A major Baroque Suite. J.S. Bach and S.L. Weiss are the most frequently                  
performed composers.

▪ A major 20th century work. Composers frequently represented include:                     
Brouwer, Martin, Britten, Dodgson, etc.  A major work by one of the             
following:  Sor, Giuliani, Coste, Mertz, Regondi or any Spanish or Latin         
American composer.

Graduate Guitarists wishing to be considered of Performance 20/20 should
Include a DVD of a live performance of the following:
▪ Astor Piazzolla: History of the Tango for Flute and Guitar, 
Movements One and Three.  
A comparable ensemble selection may be substituted.

Doctor of Musical Arts and Artist Diploma

Audition: The applicant should be prepared to perform a one hour solo program from memory. The committee will choose thirty minutes of music from this program.
Required works: 
▪ A major Baroque Suite or Sonata by J.S. Bach. 
(This may be from the Lute or Cello Suites,Violin Sonatas & Partitas, the Prelude, Fugue, &  Allegro or the Chaconne.)

▪ A major 20th/21st century work. Composers frequently represented include:         
Brouwer, Martin, Britten, Dodgson, Assad etc.


Audition requirements        

Student performances


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